Residential Roofing Colorado

Residential roofing is at the core of our company activity. Colorado Construction is dedicated to help people to protect and improve their homes. We consider your home as one of the biggest investments of your life. To preserve the quality and longevity of your home it is essential to make sure your roof is in great condition.

Colorado Construction puts at your disposal a thoroughly trained crew of professional roofers to inspect your roof. In this way we will find any issue that may lead to repairing or replacing your roof. This will prevent costly unexpected changes in the long run.

Common roof issues include:

  •         Missing Shingles
  •         Cracked shingles
  •         Cracked flashing
  •         Wet spots on ceiling
  •         Damaged flashing
  •         Rotted soffit and fascia
  •         Rotted plumbing jacks
  •         Ac vents, heather stacks


We apply our knowledge to complex problems found during our in depth roof inspection. For example, a damaged flashing can be caused by corrosion, improper installation or old flashing. Wet spots can be caused by problems with your roof or from roof ventilation. It is always best to have a professional residential roofing contractor to run the inspection. We are eager to find out about your roofing needs and provide a timely solution for them.


We maintain a close relation with our suppliers to implement the most advanced materials for every case, making a strong emphasis on quality. We can guarantee to offer the best materials at the best price for your project. We Are always innovating and learning about the new and most efficient technology available to provide the best solutions.


Residential roofing services include:

  •         Roof Replacement
  •         Roof Repair
  •         New Construction
  •         Metal Roofing
  •         Insulation
  •         Gutters